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Free Fire


JULY 10 2021

Michelle Natalie

5 Min Read


As a Battle Royale game, of course it takes agility to survive until the end of the game to get Booyah. But sometimes, unexpectedly, we actually meet the enemy and require to do war. If you are not ready, of course you and your team will become victims so you have to be willing to be thrown into the game lobby.
If you feel you are not ready for war, of course the best decision is to avoid it. Despite the fact, avoiding war is not an easy thing. Therefore, you must know the strategy that must be done if you want to avoid fighting. Here's more information:

Take advantage of Grounding and Blind Spot Obstacle

To run this escape strategy, you must be observant in seeing the position. Take cover in the compound and cover the enemy's vantage point. Actually, there are various positions that are not visible to the enemy or known as blind spots. Of course, you can put this to good use. In addition, the contours of the Free Fire map consisting of low ground and high ground create a fault that can be used to save yourself.

Jiggle Move

Jiggle move is a movement to rub and outwit the enemy. This movement usually takes advantage of the surrounding conditions such as obstacles and blind spot areas. When you are attacked by enemies and want to run away, avoid running in a straight direction especially if the surrounding area is an open area. Try to escape with a zig zag motion with the direction of the nearest obstacle for cover. In this way, gradually the enemy will feel tired and lose focus which will eventually stop chasing you.

Take advantage of the vehicle to escape

In the Free Fire game, there are various types of vehicles that you can use for all situations. One of them is to escape from war. So, don't ignore it if in the middle of the trip you find a vehicle such as a sports car or motorbike. Take the vehicle so you can move faster and widen the distance between you and your enemy. If you meet an enemy and want to run away, do random moves so that you are difficult to shoot at. Also, flee to the safest place.

Well, that's 3 Ways to Escape From War in the Free Fire Game. We hope this article is useful!