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OCTOBER 16 2020

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As one of the top players in EVOS Free Fire, Street has again successfully supported his friends in FFIM Fall 2020.

The support player whose real name is Muhammad Faiq is one of EVOS's mainstay esports athletes who has a lot of interesting stories.
Street's journey in the world of esports is arguably not as smooth as its current achievements. As with his friends, Street's journey to becoming a pro player at EVOS was unexpected, but seeing the many sacrifices that Street has made to become an esports athlete, it's no wonder that he has now succeeded in becoming one of the respected players in the tournament.

The start of the Street journey with EVOS:

EVOS may not be Street's first esports team, but it will be the first family team for him. Before becoming part of EVOS, Street was at the Louvre and had a hiatus from the esports team. His experience in the world of tournaments is quite a lot, one of the events that he is quite fond of is the Garena Summer League, where he first met Manay. Seeing the potential and position of Street, who at that time had not joined any team, Manay finally invited Street to join EVOS in 2019.

“At first I joined the Garena Summer League with the Louvre team, from there I got to know Manay, at first I just got together. then finally invited to join the EVOS team, "he said.

Street feels never tired of playing Free Fire:

Having a feeling of boredom when playing one game may be a natural thing, but for Street he has never felt it. As a Free Fire athlete, Street feels never bored or bored even though he plays it every day. For Street, playing Free Fire is no longer just playing but a job that he really enjoys.

“In the past, there was a feeling of boredom, but now I don't get bored at all because this has become a job responsibility. At best if I play another game it's fitting if there isn't a league, that's also sometimes, "Street said.

Street continues to practice even though it is a holiday:

One of the hallmarks of Free Fire EVOS players is their very flexible training schedule. Even so, the player practises quite regularly. Street himself explains that his team's training schedule is from the first time they wake up to sleep, even during holidays they still train together.

"We already have a mission to want to win, therefore we practice regularly, sometimes we also fill in holidays for continuous training, so even on holidays we still practice together," he explained.

Street apparently has a ritual of eating bananas before competing:
Everyone has their own rituals before competing, of course, but Street and her friends have unique habits. Usually, before competing, Street and his friends perform three obligatory rituals, namely praying, yelling and eating bananas. The ritual of eating bananas is an interesting habit because for Street, the ritual of eating bananas before a match can increase stamina.

"Usually we have a ritual before playing, first we pray, the cheer as a team and last we eat bananas to increase our stamina," he added.