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Free Fire


JULY 05 2021

Michelle Natalie

5 Min Read


Some time ago Garena announced that it would collaborate between Free Fire and Street Fighter. This event was carried out considering the previous success with the Free Fire x McLaren event.
The items presented will certainly be no less interesting than items from the previous Free Fire x McLaren event. Free Fire will present several legendary characters from the Street Fighter Franchise, namely Ryu and Chun-Li, plus other cool items that make this event even more interesting.

What are these items? Here, we thoroughly review the list of items that will be present at the Free Fire x Street Fighter event.

Ryu and Chun-Li Kostum costumes

Based on the information circulating, Free Fire will present special items at this Free Fire x Street Fighter event in the form of Ryu and Chun-Li costumes. Players will use Ryu and Chun-Li's costumes when they are in the middle of a battle in Free Fire.
The advantage of using this costume is that you will be striking and can attract the attention of others while in the lobby. But the drawback is that this costume will also remain conspicuous when the battle begins, making it easier for the enemy to see and kill you.

Airdrop, Airship, Plane and In-Game Bonus themes

In this Free Fire X Street Fighter event, they will also present cool themes on almost all items in Free Fire. Just look at airships, airdrops, planes, and In-Game Bonus which will be themed Street Fighter. The coolest of all Street Fighter-themed items is the airship, where there are rows of Street Fighter logos that color the airship.

Car, Parachute, Skyboard and Gloo Wall themes

As previously informed, Free Fire will present cool Street Fighter-themed items on almost all items in Free Fire. This is proven by looking at cars, parachutes, skyboards and gloo walls which will also be given the Street Fighter theme. The Street Fighter theme seems to be filling the entire contents of the map in Free Fire.

Street Fighter Themed Special Bag

Free Fire will also present an exclusive Street Fighter-themed bag that comes in various variants. This special exclusive bag for the Free Fire X Street Fighter event will have 3 different variants, each variant will be equipped with a level that is also different from one another.

Street Fighter Themed Weapons

Finally, Free Fire will present Street Fighter-themed weapons. As a game that contains combat action, Free Fire certainly won't forget to give a special theme to the weapons in its collection. At the Free Fire X Street Fighter event this time, there will be 4 Free Fire weapons with a Street Fighter theme, namely grenades, pans, MP5 and M249. For collectors of Free Fire items, it is mandatory to have all these special themed weapons.