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Free Fire


JANUARY 12 2021

Super Admin

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Free Fire is a game that has lots of characters that we can play for each game. Certainly, this is the difference between Free Fire and other similar games while making Free Fire a game with a unique Battle Royale genre.

Of course, each character released does not only provide different looks, but they also have different additional abilities.
All of this is intended so that Free Fire lovers don't feel bored with that gameplay - that's all.

Currently, Free Fire itself has more than 30 characters ready for us to play. These characters consist of male and female characters that we can get for free and some are required to buy them with a number of diamonds.

For male players, of course, it has become commonplace if we use characters that are male as well. But in some cases, female characters are often their favourite characters.

For that, let's get acquainted with some of the female characters on Free Fire!

1. Kelly

Kelly, surely is of the legendary characters on Free Fire who has a very cute and beautiful stature. Several months ago, she had a change in appearance which made her beauty level increase dramatically. Kelly has the ability to run very fast, therefore he is very suitable for use as a Rusher.

2. Moco

The second best female character is Moco. We cannot just underestimate Moco's ability. How not, the skill itself is almost similar to a cheater, which is to see the enemy's presence. With this kind of ability, it is suitable for use by a Flanker or a Sniper.

3. Caroline

Despite her small stature, we should not underestimate Caroline. This is because she has the ability to run quickly when using a Shotgun type weapon. For other games, maybe the Shotgun is not a weapon that deserves to be watched out for, but in Free Fire this weapon is one of the grabs for Rusher. Of course, with abilities like this, Caroline is perfect for a Rusher to use.

4. Laura

Laura is an agent who has a very high shooting ability. This is coupled with the skills that can increase accuracy when we use a scope. Therefore, he is suitable for use by a sniper.

5. Olivia

In some cases, Olivia may rarely be used due to how her ability is very useful for medicinal purposes only. When Olivia revives, our friend's HP that we turn back on will increase according to her level. Therefore, it is suitable for use by a Support.

So, those are some of our best female characters recommendations of Free Fire, fams!  Who do you think your favourite female character is?