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May 20, 2024

Vale is one of the Mage heroes who is really OP in the Mobile Legends game. The name Vale returned to popularity after Moonton gave a buff that made it often used by Mobile Legends players.

To make Vale more optimal when used, you must know 2 important things that we will discuss this time. What are these two things? Here's more information: The first thing is to make sure that Vale's combo skills go all the way to the opponent. This is what makes Vale so OP. Even this skill from Vale can kill an opponent's hero so easily.

But unfortunately, this ability is the only mainstay for Vale. He really relies on his skills to fight in Mobile Legends. Without these skills, Vale is only a weak mage hero and easily defeated.

The second thing is that you must know that if a skill is not hit by your opponent, you must immediately run away. Because actually, Vale can only fight by relying on his skills. So when the skill fails to hit the opponent, then Vale is really obliged to avoid War.

Vale's basic attack is not very useful because of the small damage. Moreover, he is easily killed by the opponent's core because he can't do anything when his skill fails to hit the opponent. So the only thing that can be done is run away.

Well gamers, I hope this article is useful and entertaining for you! See you again in the next article!



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