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PUBG Mobile


MAY 19 2022

Dahlia Puspitasari

5 Min Read


PUBG MOBILE INDONESIA officially announced its newest collaboration with Gojek, the leading on-demand platform in Southeast Asia. Through the #PUBGJEK campaign, PUBG MOBILE players can get exclusive items permanently by participating in various exciting programs held both offline and online on the Gojek and PUBG MOBILE applications.

The collaboration between PUBG MOBILE and Gojek is a form of appreciation from PUBG MOBILE Indonesia for the work of the nation's children who have participated in advancing Indonesia, including Gojek.

"We are pleased to be able to start a collaboration with Gojek and announce this to all PUBG MOBILE players and Gojek users in Indonesia. This is the answer to the response of users so far to always bring surprises and innovations. We believe that the initial step of the collaboration of these two big brands can take the excitement and satisfaction of each user to the next level," said Elvarica Noviyanti, Product Manager of PUBG MOBILE Indonesia.

Bringing the theme of 5-Star Heroes PUBJEK, this form of collaboration that PUBG MOBILE fans have been waiting for for a long time also gives appreciation to Gojek partners who have become heroes for the community.

Rama Ishwara, Gojek's Head of Brand Marketing explained that the collaboration with PUBG MOBILE is a form of Gojek's support for the homeland game industry which continues to show positive trends. As is well known, Indonesia is one of the largest gaming industry markets in the world, especially mobile games or video games played via cellular phones, tablet computers, or consoles.

Referring to Shibuya Data Count data, the average annual growth or Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of the gaming industry in Southeast Asia is estimated to reach 8.5% in the 2020-2025 period. Indonesia is one of the six countries in Southeast Asia with the largest gaming market, in addition to Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Singapore and the Philippines.

Rama added that Gojek never stops innovating, including in developing the creative economy sector, and always welcomes collaboration with any brand or company that has the same goal.

"Innovation has always been Gojek's focus, including developing the creative economy sector such as the game industry. The innovations that we have created in mobile games have received high enthusiasm from gamers, and we are sure that the collaboration between Gojek and PUBG MOBILE will also be well received and provide an exciting and fun experience for gamers. We hope that this collaboration between Gojek and PUBG MOBILE can also give more color to the creative economy sector, especially the game industry in Indonesia, thereby further strengthening Indonesia's position as the largest game market in Southeast Asia," said Rama.

The PUBG MOBILE and Gojek collaboration will cover many things, from exclusive items in the form of PUBG MOBILE In-Game skins, outfits, motorbikes, helmets, graffiti spray, profile banners, zone gifts, to special PUBG MOBILE x Gojek events.

To get exclusive and permanent items, PUBG MOBILE players are required to complete various in-game missions available for both individual missions and overall missions. The mission that must be completed is to drive a Gojek motorbike scattered in the PUBG MOBILE game.

PUBG MOBILE players can also get other exclusive items by ordering various Gojek services such as GoCar, GoRide, and GoFood. Not only getting exclusive skins, PUBG MOBILE players can also get rewards in the form of Gojek service vouchers.

Another interesting thing is that during this collaboration, the driver icon on the Gojek application maps will change to a typical PUBG MOBILE helmet icon.

In addition to distributing various exclusive items, PUBG MOBILE and Gojek will also hold fun matches that can be participated by everyone, from driver partners, Gojek users, and of course PUBG MOBILE players. This #PUBGJEK campaign starts from 17 May to 6 June 2022.