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JANUARY 13 2021

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One of the things gamers always look forward to regarding the games they play is the availability of new features to play with!

To answer this, Tencent as the developer of PUBG: Mobile released its latest patch note version 1.2.

The Patch Note released on January 12, 2021, is the first update made on this new year by PUBGM. Of course, there are lots of new things that await their players.

Therefore, let's take a look at what's new in the latest patch notes this time?

1. Runic Power
Runic Power is one of the newest modes released by Tencent at PUBGM. The battle mechanism is still the same as the usual mode, Battle Royale. However, the thing that distinguishes this mode is that there are additional abilities that can strengthen every player in a match.
This additional ability is obtained from a rune that we choose at the beginning of the match. There are 3 runes that we can use, one of them. These three runes are the Flame Rune, Arctoc Rune, and also the Wind Rune.

2. Power Armor
Apparently, the latest mode released by PUBGM is not only Runic Power but also Power Armor. In this mode, the mechanism is almost the same as Runic Power, which is a battle royale that has additional capabilities. The difference is in how to get additional abilities.
In Power Armour, we get additional capabilities by looking for armour that has been provided by the developer in the game. There are 3 pieces of armour that we can use, namely Chest Armor, Arm Armor, and Leg Armor. Each armour has different endurance and additional abilities. If at Runic Power we can only use 1 rune, then in Power Armor we can use the entire armour.

In addition, if we use the entire armour, we will get an additional skill, Dragon Breath's Grenade.

3. Event Matrix
Matrix Event is an event that only exists in games. Of course, this event will affect the abilities of the players too.

Matrix 1: Increase supply supply
Matrix 2: Increase the number of airdrops at a certain point
Matrix 3: Can see where the enemy is by using a life detector at the research centre

4. New Weapon, Famas
- Using 5.56mm bullets or what we know as green bullets
- Has the fastest rate of fire compared to other weapons
- Can be equipped with various attachments such as Muzzle (rifles), Scope, and Magazine (rifle)
- Can only be used on the Livik map

5. Ranked Season 17
This is what we have been waiting for, changing the Season ranks. It has been 3 months since season 16 has accompanied us, now players are ready to continue their adventure due to how all ranks have been reset.

There you have it, the main content regarding this Patch Note version 1.2 update.

Don't forget to update your PUBGM application fams!