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Mobile Legends


MAY 31 2022

Dahlia Puspitasari

5 Min Read


Julian is a hero recently released by Moonton in the Mobile Legends game. The hero with the role as Fighter/Mage is quite deadly if you choose the right build item.
Now for gamers who have just used this hero in the Mobile Legends game, it never hurts to try the following Julian Mobile Legends build item recommendations:

Arcane Boots
The first is Arcane Boots. This item can make Julian have deadly magic damage since the early game. In addition, this item can also add movement speed and magic penetration for Julian.

Clock of Destiny
This second item is the first magic item that must be purchased. This item can make Julian more deadly as time goes by as well as the growth of magic power produced by this item.

Genius Wand
Magic penetration from Arcane Boots, of course, is still lacking to make Julian a deadly hero in the Land of Dawn. This item will add +10 Magic Penetration which can make Julian's combo even more painful and terrible.

Holy Crystal
This item with a green crystal image is of course a mandatory item for heroes with Magical Damage type. This item can increase the magic power of a hero mage. This item can provide an additional +100 Magic Power and the passive can increase 21 to 35% Magic Power.

Divine Glaive
When you enter the late game, Divine Glaive is an important item because it can provide additional magic penetration that can make magic damage from Julian worse. This item is a solution to penetrate the opponent's armor thanks to an additional 35% magic penetration.

Winter Truncheon
This item is useful so that Julian can have additional damage as well as durability when he enters the late game. Not only does it provide Magic Power, this item will also provide an active freeze effect that can make Julian immune from various opponent attacks.

So that's a list of recommended items that you can use when using the new Mobile Legends hero Julian. I hope this article is useful!