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Mobile Legends


AUGUST 11 2021

Michelle Natalie

5 Min Read


Ruby is one of the heroes with a role fighter in the Mobile Legends game. This hero is currently popular in the community considering that several pro players in the NMA Season 3 and MDL ID Season 4 tournaments often play this hero.
Ruby is known for her lifesteal which makes this hero have HP that can be refilled. Because it is quite difficult, Ruby is now a priority for tires when draft picks. Currently there are build recommendations that are very suitable for Ruby. Even with this build, Ruby will be very hard to beat. Here are the full Ruby build recommendations:

Magic Shoes

Magic Shoes is the first item that must be purchased. Because, Ruby herself relies heavily on skills to get her lifesteal. Not only increasing movement speed, Magic Shoes is also able to reduce the cooldown time of your movement skills by 10%.

Haas Claws

In addition to Magic Shoe, Haas Claws is also a mandatory item in the early game that must be purchased. Ruby has a passive skill that can convert 125% physical lifesteal to become a spell vamp. With this item, Ruby is able to regenerate HP which is much more optimal.

War Ax

War Ax is an item that is no less important to use. This item can help Ruby in increasing her attack. This item will make Ruby very difficult to beat. Because HP will increase and cooldown time is reduced by 10%.

Endless Battle

The regeneration skill of Ruby can be maximized with Endless Battle items. With this item Ruby will be difficult to beat. Not only lifesteal, you can also get mana regeneration, additional HP and also reduced skill cooldown time thanks to this item. As a result, you can use Ruby's skills continuously because of the short cooldown time.

Brute Force

Heroes with the Fighter role like Ruby, must have high durability so that they are not easily defeated. Brute Force is an item that can help you with that. The passive of this item is in line with the passive owned by Ruby where the stack is to produce defenses from both physical attacks and magical damage.


Of all the advantages, Ruby is actually very weak in dealing with typical CC heroes. To solve this problem, you can use Immortality items when entering the late game. So when Ruby is killed, you can instantly revive.

So that's the build recommendation for Ruby in Mobile Legends Season 21. We hope this article is useful!