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Mobile Legends


MARCH 17 2022

Dahlia Puspitasari

5 Min Read


Zilong is a fighter-type Mobile Legends hero that has been around for a long time. Not infrequently, many people underestimate this one hero. In fact, Zilong is capable of dealing very painful damage if assisted with the right items.

So, what items are needed by Zilong in order to be able to deal painful damage when used to fight in the Mobile Legends game? Here's more information:

- Warrior Boots: This item not only provides additional movement speed but also durability. Therefore, you must buy this item at the beginning of the game. With this item, you will get an increase in terms of physical defense by 22 points and movement by 40 points.
- War Ax: This item can maximize Zilong's attack against his opponent. This item can provide an increase in Zilong's performance in fighting where he can get an additional 9 physical attacks and 3 physical penetrations. Not only that, this item also provides an additional movement speed of around 15%.
- Windtalker: This item is useful for making Zilong's basic attack much more deadly. When you use this item, every 3 to 5 seconds from the next basic attack you will get an additional 150 to 352 magic damage. It can even deal critical damage to 3 opposing heroes at once.
- Demon Hunter Sword: Besides Windtalker, this item can also add a damage effect to Zilong's basic attack. Where the passive of this item will give Zilong an additional basic attack damage of 9% of the opponent's HP. Not only that, this item can also provide an additional 3% physical lifesteal.
- Malefic Roar: This item ensures Zilong's attacks can penetrate the armor of opposing heroes, both cores and roamers. This item is able to provide additional physical penetration of 35% which is able to ensure that the attack can penetrate the opponent's armor.
- Haa's Claw: This item is perfect for those of you who play Zilong with barbarians. This item can add 70 points of physical attack. Not only that, this item also provides a passive lifesteal effect of +20% which can increase up to 35% provided your HP is below 50%.

So, those are the recommended items for Zilong so that this old fighter hero can do such painful damage to his enemies. I hope this article is useful!