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Mobile Legends is a MOBA game that frees its players to be creative in developing the heroes used by utilizing the available array of items. The items in the Mobile Legends game, of course, have such a great effect on the hero used. You can even determine the role of the hero used.

Helcurt is an Assassins hero in the Mobile Legends game. Even so, in fact Helcurt can also be a Tank with thick blood that is difficult to beat. This is thanks to the concoction of this hero user. So what are the items that make Helcurt a Tank as well as an Assassin? Here's more information:

- Tough Boots: Tough Boots are very helpful in giving a cc effect of 30%. This item is suitable for Helcurt considering the risk of being affected by the CC effect is so great.

- War Ax: This item adds several attributes to the hero such as HP, Physical Attack, Physical Penetration to Movement Speed. This item can increase Helcurt's damage quite significantly.

- Antique Cuirass: This item can reduce Physical Attack reception by 2 seconds which can be stacked up to 3 times. This item can be used to anticipate the barrage of attacks received by Helcurt.

- Domincance Ice: This item can reduce enemy hero regeneration by 50% and increase attack speed by 30%. This item can be used to penetrate enemy heroes who have super fast regeneration.

- Athena Shield: Athena Shield is useful in reducing the damage taken by 25% in 5 seconds. This item is perfect for warding off Magic Damage-type attacks.

- Radiant Armor: This item is used to make Helcurt have better resistance from magic-type attacks.

So that's a row of items that you can use to make Helcurt Tank Assassins that are hard to kill. Good luck!

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